Creative Flare!

My creative flare is something I really miss!!!

I’ve promised myself that 2017 is going to be the year that I’ll get out with what little camera gear I have left (literally just a cropped frame dSLR and a few light lenses to be honest!) and start capturing again.  No stress, no pressure, no deadlines, just getting out and about for the love of it.

I started a new Flickr page to showcase and share these new works; my Flickr account is stevetolcherphotography

I no longer do any professional Photography or Videography work, but it’s nice to look back at past works, however.

Most of my photography nowadays, unsurprisingly, is of my beautiful dancing daughters.  They both live to dance and since the vast majority of my professional photography work was dance related it’s great to have two fabulously talented dancers in the house!  Neither are in any way shy of the camera too – so that’s a bonus!  Here is our eldest last summer.


One final thing I have promised myself for 2017 is regular Vlogging!  A real move out of my comfort zone!  I’ve seen, and indeed follow, some wonderful vloggers on YouTube so I hope to be regularly Vlogging on my YouTube Channel



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