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Mothering Sunday … My Poem

So it’s Mothering Sunday today, a day where we can all celebrate and give thanks to our Mothers!  I do believe, however, we should be doing this every day by default!

Anyway, here is me and “Me Mam” back in Majorca when I was just a teenager.


A few years ago I penned a poem for my Mum, on Mothers Day, and thought I’d share it;

Mum …

My Mum“, “Me Mam” or just “My Mother

Whatever the title you are like no other.

From twinkle to cradle, pram to cot;

You have always been a Mum; the only one that i’ve got.


From before I can remember your love has stayed true;

An invisible bond between Me and You.

No matter my ailment, manner or place;

I can just close my eyes and be calmed by your face.


As a child you assured me, through good times and bad.

Whether happy and cheery or all sullen and sad.

You made the good times great and life’s troughs not that low.

If i needed some Mum time; i knew where to go.


Through my teens we occasionally had a cross word!

But our Sunday morning outings were something we always shared.

When no one understood me and I thought I was alone;

You would just be there for me – as solid as stone.


As a young man marching forward making plans for my life;

You helped by not preaching and not adding more strife.

Your guidance and assurance helped me to get where I am.

You made that young child grow into this man!


So today I say “Thanks Mum! You’re really great!”

But you now what; I think that each morning I wake.

So today I can tell you what I’ve always wanted to say;

You’re my Mum and I Love You; so please have a nice day!


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