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Festive Reading

It's around this time of year, when the nights are cold and there is a sense of tradition in the air, that I like to pickup my favourite festive books. I am specifically talking about The Chronicles of Narnia. Not particularly festive at all really, but they always remind me of Christmases gone by -… Continue reading Festive Reading

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If you were a Vegetable …

So, in a workshop earlier today we were given the following “Icebreaker” question … “If you were a Vegetable, what Vegetable would you be; and why?”  We had 60 seconds to come up with our answer. I said I would be a Carrot.  My reasoning? I am quite straight (in the sense of getting to… Continue reading If you were a Vegetable …

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2017 Janet Cram Dance Awards

Sofia was fortunate enough to take part in the prestigious 2017 Janet Cram Dance Awards.  This is her third year competing and she received a commendation for her performance on the day. She's very proud, as are we all! I did a quick vlog of the journey too; We'd like to thank all the staff… Continue reading 2017 Janet Cram Dance Awards

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Mothering Sunday … My Poem

So it's Mothering Sunday today, a day where we can all celebrate and give thanks to our Mothers!  I do believe, however, we should be doing this every day by default! Anyway, here is me and "Me Mam" back in Majorca when I was just a teenager. A few years ago I penned a poem… Continue reading Mothering Sunday … My Poem