One More Round …

So with my “BIG 40″ birthday coming up, I’ve decided that it has to be time for me to shift some timber!  My cardiologist has been telling me for a while to lose weight and has recently given me some advise on the gentle exercise I should be able to do in order to facilitate it.  I attended Cardiac Rehab earlier in the year but had to stop it after just 2 weeks due to starting a new job (Couldn’t start a new job and take a day off each week could I!?!)  I have to admit it’s been somewhat of a struggle to get anything done since then.  Cardiac rehab (gentle exercise under supervision of the cardiac nurses etc) was a real confidence booster as it gave me the confidence to get my heart rate up without fear of collapsing / having an Angina attack.  It’s a shame I couldn’t carry it on but needs must.

As mentioned previously, I was very fit around 10 years ago.  I was certainly much slimmer!  Here I am in London back in 2009.  Great days!

Fit and Healthy - 2009

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If you were a Vegetable …

So, in a workshop earlier today we were given the following “Icebreaker” question … “If you were a Vegetable, what Vegetable would you be; and why?”  We had 60 seconds to come up with our answer.

I said I would be a Carrot.  My reasoning?

  • I am quite straight (in the sense of getting to the point)
  • I have a firm root and grounding (I have a solid family foundation and belief system)
  • I can be added to many different situations and add value (think Carrot Cake or adding Carrot to various savoury dishes etc.)
  • I do, occasionally, show some imperfections (like all of us – nobody is perfect!)

Finally, and confirming that I used to own an allotment and therefore am a bit of a Gardening fan! I also said that like the Carrot I am a good “Companion Plant.

Let me explain that a little …  

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Strawberry Prosecco Sparkler

Drinking a glass of Prosecco with my wife earlier this evening I looked down and noticed my Strawberry looked a lot like a heart!  I had to capture it!

Strawberry Heart

Anyway, the reason for the blog post is I found a fabulous little Strawberry Prosecco Sparkler Cocktail recipe by Rachael Ray.  The full recipe can be found at on Rachel Ray Every Day  alongside a heap of other fabulous foodie favourites!

Strawberry Prosecco Sparkler

It goes something like this;


  • 6 sugar cubes (1 per glass!)
  • Angostura bitters
  • Bottle of the North Eastern Italy’s finest Prosecco (Champagne or Sparkling Wine could be used too)
  • 4 fresh strawberries, thinly sliced


Put a sugar cube into each glasses and douse with a few dashes of the Angostura bitters. Gently pour the Prosecco over top; garnish with sliced strawberries and enjoy!

Please drink responsibly!