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Festive Reading

It's around this time of year, when the nights are cold and there is a sense of tradition in the air, that I like to pickup my favourite festive books. I am specifically talking about The Chronicles of Narnia. Not particularly festive at all really, but they always remind me of Christmases gone by -… Continue reading Festive Reading

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One More Round …

So with my "BIG 40" birthday coming up, I've decided that it has to be time for me to shift some timber!  My cardiologist has been telling me for a while to lose weight and has recently given me some advise on the gentle exercise I should be able to do in order to facilitate… Continue reading One More Round …

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If you were a Vegetable …

So, in a workshop earlier today we were given the following “Icebreaker” question … “If you were a Vegetable, what Vegetable would you be; and why?”  We had 60 seconds to come up with our answer. I said I would be a Carrot.  My reasoning? I am quite straight (in the sense of getting to… Continue reading If you were a Vegetable …

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Coronary Microvascular Disease

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while but never had the guts - well, that needs to change.  That changes today … Coronary Microvascular Disease has robbed me of many opportunities since I was first diagnosed back in 2013.  Suffice to say it has changed my life forever.  Coronary Microvascular Disease does… Continue reading Coronary Microvascular Disease

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Creative Flare!

My creative flare is something I really miss!!! I started a new Flickr page to showcase and share these new works; my Flickr account is stevetolcherphotography I no longer do any professional Photography or Videography work, but it's nice to look back at past works, however. Most of my photography nowadays, unsurprisingly, is of my beautiful dancing daughters.  They… Continue reading Creative Flare!